June 17, 2012

Top 5 list of stuff I'd love to see.

I haven't posted that much lately because I've been grappling with some lovely computer troubles. My desktop decided to be a dick and perpetually BSOD ("blue screen of death" for those not versed in geek-speak) on me, so I had to take it to my older brother Tavis to fix. I hope to God I'll get it back soon, because this laptop I'm using is really shitty.

Anyway, this is just a top 5 list of stuff I'd love to see and why. Bear in mind, these were written as they popped into my head, so they're in no particular order. Now then, join me after the jump for the insanity...

5. Jeremy Irons and/or John Hurt in an episode of Doctor Who.
Why? Because those two are a couple of the most awesome British actors, and I so wanna see them in Doctor Who sometime. Not necessarily in the same episode, mind you. In fact, I'll even say that John Hurt would probably make an awesome Celestial Toymaker... XD

4. Anthony Hopkins and Samuel L. Jackson sharing a scene together in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe movie as their characters Odin and Nick Fury.
Why? Because those two actors in a room together would make the universe implode from the sheer awesomeness of it. Quoth Stan Lee, "'Nuff said".

3. Paul McGann returning to Doctor Who.
Why? The 50th anniversary is coming up, and also because Paul never really got a fair shake being the Doctor on TV despite having dozens of awesome audio dramas from Big Finish Productions under his belt. Plus, I just want him to wear that awesome Victorian outfit again. He looked so awesome in it.

2. Mario and Sonic in a narrative-driven game together.
Why? Because Super Smash Bros. Brawl and those Olympics games they made established that they're now rivals-turned-friends. So, let's see 'em team up against an alliance between Bowser and Robotnik (Shut up, I know his current name is Eggman) or something.

1. A game in the Kirby franchise that's an RPG.
Why? Just because I'd love to see that mash-up. Need I say more?

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