September 13, 2012

Updates on my life.

Sorry about not posting much for the last couple of months. It's been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster for me. Join me after the jump for what has happened.

The first bombshell I'll drop is that my girlfriend and I decided to break up. The long-distance thing was kinda taking it's toll, so we mutually decided we should try to see people who are closer to home. We're still geeky best buds, though. So, I'm at least grateful for that.

Last Monday, I turned 26. It doesn't feel all that different, but I should count my lucky stars that I don't have any gray hairs yet. However, my brother's friend -and fellow redhead- Meg has told me I shouldn't have to worry til I'm about 30, so thank God for that.

I'm still an avid watcher of Let's Plays, and I'm making plans to start one of my own as well. I just need a better mic, because the one on my webcam gives really shitty audio quality. In the meantime, I'll link to some LPers I've been watching these last few months: Pcull44444, ArgonMatrix, KoreanWonderBoy, JonBro, and Donnabellez. I also did a race playing "MegaMan 2" with some friends, which has just been uploaded today. You can find the playlist I made for it on my channel right here. Enjoy!

"Doctor Who" began it's 7th season since returning in 2005 a couple weeks ago. So far, it's been really good. So far, we've had a creepy episode featuring the Daleks, and a fun romp involving dinosaurs on a spaceship, (TITLE DROP!!!) Queen Nefertiti, and some other craziness. I personally can't wait for this weekend's episode. It's a Wild West episode, and it guest stars Ben Browder, who played John Crichton on "Farscape", another one of my fave sci-fi shows. Can't wait!

Anyway, that's about all that's been going on in my life. Here's hoping it only keeps getting better. Til then, I wish all of you the best in what you do. :)

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