December 24, 2011

Happy Hogswatch, everyone!

For those confused by the title of this rather short entry, go give the Discworld novel "Hogfather" a read. Or even better, just watch the TV movie based on it. Check after the jump for a YouTube upload of it. It's in 9 minute parts, though. Enjoy.

December 6, 2011

Poor RTD... :'(

I'm not usually one to follow the latest gossip on people who've worked on my favorite shows and whatnot, but there's some news I've read recently that's kinda distressing to me. Former head writer for Doctor Who Russell T. Davies (or "RTD" if you're of the shortening mind) has put his Hollywood career on hold to move back to his home in Manchester. Why? Because his partner has been diagnosed with brain cancer and needs some serious treatment. I read about it here. I understand his pain, as 2 of my friends from church -who are brother and sister- lost their father to it.

Just putting this out there: If you see this as another opportunity to bash on him for doing shit in Doctor Who you don't like, than you have no soul. I don't care who you are. He brought back a show that had been considered since the 1980s as "past its prime" and "a joke" and made it relevant again in pop culture. My thoughts and prayers are with him in this trying time.