February 8, 2012

Sorry for not posting lately!

Hey, everyone! I'm so sorry for not posting. I've had all kinds of stuff distracting me lately. Plus, a lack of ideas of what to post about is really bad for a blog. Especially when you post as sporadically as I do. I may as well bring you few who actually read this up to date with what's been going on with me. Join me after the jump if you wish to know.

Firstly, I've still been listening to those Doctor Who audio dramas from Big Finish. Last month saw the debut of their range of Fourth Doctor stories with Tom Baker, so I'm definitely looking forward to those. I may even share them with my mom, as she loves Tom Baker's Doctor. January's installment of the regular monthly range didn't disappoint, either. The Sixth Doctor gets a new companion and has to face down the Daleks and their creator Davros, who've allied themselves with Napoleon Bonaparte just prior to the Battle of Waterloo. Really great stuff.

I've also been working hard with my church's choir, singing all kinds of songs. We're already gearing up for the cantata we'll be singing around Easter, so let's hope we do well. In other matters, my girlfriend and I are still together, and she got us matching t-shirts with the points she received from Club Nintendo. It's a gray one with pics of 8-bit Mario sprites on the front, with captions telling who's who. It's fast becoming one of my favorite t-shirts.

I've also been replaying the Ace Attorney games as prep for when the live-action movie is released. I also haven't played them in forever, so now's a good a time as any. Especially since my girlfriend recently got heavily into the series. I just hope there will be a fan sub for the movie, since the chances of it coming out over here in the US are pretty much slim to none. I really wanna see if it'll be able to be faithful to the games. From what I'm hearing, that seems to be the case. But I'll reserve my "objections" til I see it for myself.

Speaking of Ace Attorney, my girlfriend started an RP (roleplay) account on Twitter awhile ago. She decided to be Phoenix Wright's assistant Maya Fey. If you wish to follow her, you can at @SpiritedMaya. I'm not much for RP'ing myself. But she has been having fun with it, and I'm not one to deny her that.

Oh, and there's new podcast on The Escapist that I've been listening to called Media Sandwich. I recommend you give it a listen, especially if you love really geeky stuff like I do. Whether it's movies, games or comics, this podcast has you covered for the most part. I may not always agree with what's been said on it, but I still enjoy hearing people speak about the same geeky stuff that I love without any fear of people talking smack about them.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I've got a few ideas of what I want to post about now, so keep your eyes peeled for stuff as time goes on. Thanks for reading, and Godspeed. :)

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