November 9, 2011

Trailer for a live-action "Phoenix Wright" movie! XD

If there's one game series I cannot get enough of sometimes, it's the Ace Attorney series. It's courtroom antics at it's finest. So, when I found out that Capcom had endorsed a live action film adaptation, I was excited. Especially because it was being made in Japan, nowhere near Hollywood's "creative input". After seeing the trailer, it got me even more excited. I'm praying for it to be released here in the USA. Wanna see the trailer for yourself? Take a look after the jump. I certainly have no "objections" so far... XD


  1. Phoenix Wright is the coolest video game character lawyer of all time! He can defend any accused with stout reasoning thru logic and bring the tide of the case in his favor. Now that it is in live action OVA, it would be exciting!

    Guy Chambliss

  2. I mostly got into the Phoenix Wright games because they felt a lot like throwbacks to the old point-and-click adventure games that I grew up playing, which they don't make a lot of anymore. But anyway, thanks for the comment, Guy! It's nice to know actual lawyers like the series, too. Despite the wackiness that ensues, of course. :)

  3. Hey, Kevin, I've played this one with my nephew on the DS. I thought it was kid's stuff, but I realized that you can get a pretty good kick out of shouting "Objection!" on the mouthpiece. That's just fun, eh?

    Charla Mcguyer

  4. Yeah, it is fun. But I tend to avoid doing that just so people don't look at me funny. It's bad enough I get weird looks when verbalizing my frustration when fighting Zelda bosses... XD